Рейтинг серверов mmotop
Рейтинг серверов Mu Online
Fortress Information
State of the fortress Captured (Defeated)
The time of the attack 19:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
If the fortress is not protected, then all NPCs will be removed from Crywolf. The urban peace zone will turn into a combat zone, and the chance of jewel of Guardian falling out in Land of Trial will decrease.
Castle Information
Castle owner Darkness
Capture time Member Announcement
Registration for the siege Sunday: 00:00
Continuing registration Monday - Tuesday: 23:59
Change Sign of Lord Tuesday: 00:00 - Wednesday: 00:00
End of change Sign of Lord Thursday: 00:00
Member Announcement Friday: 12:00
Cooking castle Saturday: 19:00
Castle siege Sunday: from 20:00 to 21:00
Registered Guilds
# Sign Name Guild Master Sign of Lord Members Refused
None of the Guild has not applied for registration!